Welcome to Shikkui Plaster


What is Shikkui Plaster?

Shikkui Plaster is a traditional and innovative Japanese lime plaster made of slaked lime of high calcium purity with additives including seaweed extracts to help stability, soybean oil to improve workability and naturally boost water -repellent properties for exterior work, natural plant fibres to aid anti cracking (developed from centuries of earthquake experience) and other natural aggregates such as eggshells. Some blends of Shikkui Plasters have 50% added eggshells making it a truly eco-friendly product. Other additives include long grained Diatomaceous Earth mineral products of a type found only in Japan, which are formed from plankton skeletons and present hygroscopic qualities to help control humidity.


Shikkui Plaster formulations have been used widely throughout Japan for more than one thousand years, for both internal and external walls of houses, temples and castles, as well as for ceilings and specialist decorative purposes.


Colours and Textures

Shikkui Plaster comes in a large range of naturally coloured finishes and textures to suit all decorative design needs, ranging from matte to very highly polished surfaces with almost endless combinations in between.


How to find us

Our easily accessible company showroom and workshop is situated in the centre of the UK, in the heart of the Chilterns between Oxford and Henley on Thames. We offer a welcome to architects, designers, plasterers and customers to visit us, share a cup of coffee and view these products with their amazing range of textures and colours.


How can Shikkui Plaster enhance your project?

Whether a single wall or ceiling, a room or series of rooms, or a range of buildings we provide a complete service to advise on colours and textures, together with a professional application service based on many years of practical experience. Our team will manage your project from start to finish providing the very best of service and giving you a finished product which is unique to Shikkui Plaster.


How Shikkui Plaster adds value

The special properties of Shikkui Plaster not only enhance the appearance of surface finishes but also add practical and valuable benefits, including:

  • Natural components, no harmful chemicals
  • Absorbs CO2, VOCs and odours
  • High alkalinity properties naturally control bacteria, fungi and moulds
  • Naturally anti-static – reducing dust accumulation
  • Humidity regulating
  • Fire resistant
  • Absorbs and reflects light evenly
  • Wide range of standard pre-mixed colours plus customised variations
  • Unique and customised textures
  • Less labour intensive – requires no sanding to attain highly polished surfaces
  • Can be used towards LEED Credits
  • Cradle to Cradle certified (Silver)



If you’re a plasterer and want to use Shikkui Plaster

Professional plasterers – we offer you a 2 day workshop where you can gain product knowledge and application skills in our user friendly environment. With 10 room sets designed to simulate plastering a full room under our guidance and supervision and with over 3000 sq ft of surface available, this is one of the largest natural plaster training facilities in the UK. You can experience lots of different materials so you can find the product which will best suit your clients and your market. We can also help and assist you to present this natural product to your clients.


How can I contact you?

Please fill in our contact page or simply call Paul on 07580 331 311